Sister Circle


About Sister Circle 

In a world that continually silences the voices of women, one woman telling her truth becomes a powerful catalyst for other women to do the same. The Sister Circle Workshop is a 3 day intensive writing and performance workshop that will create the groundwork for women to tell true and authentic stories in a nurturing and safe environment.

The workshop will explore the works of other fearless women poets as a reference point for the healing potential of written and spoken word poetry as an art form. It will tackle, amongst others, themes of love, joy, triumph, grief, shame and heartache as a means to explore how women have, for generations, turned their happiest emotions and ugliest traumas into breathtaking works of art and sources of healing.

Workshop participants will engage in writing, editing and performance exercise that will give them the tools to dig up their own unique poetic voices.



This workshop fed my soul and literally made me feel more fulfilled. It was challenging and inspiring in all the right ways
A very welcoming and safe space that built on the trust established at the onset. Great fun sharing with other women and connecting and reconnecting with participants. Artistically relevant and challenging, informative and careful
It was an amazing learning experience, especially as someone who has never written poetry before
I love that I felt that I was in a safe enough space to share my work and to be honest in my writing
This workshop helped build a lot of trust in myself as a writer and as a poet

Please check back to find out when the Sister Circle Workshop will be available in your city.